Traits of a Stellar Grant Writer

Words Prevail, LLC offers a diversified service portfolio of business and resume writing for a diversity of executives, nonprofits, and small businesses on an international basis. Although we have garnered a prestigious reputation as a leader in the field of resume writing, our writers are also certified professional grant writers.

A client once asked me, “What are the traits of a phenomenal grant writer?” My initial response was to advocate the series of certifications all of our writers hold from the American Grant Writer’s Association. However, the quest for an amazing grant writer should go beyond certifications and awards. The nonprofit or individual searching for a quintessential grant writer should also look for the following character traits:

1) Idealism

Our dreams are what drives us all, especially in the nonprofit sector where trailblazers are committed to contributing something of great socio-political importance. In order to be a shapshifter, you must be an idealist. As a grant writer, carrying this flame of hope is what pushes us to risk rejection again and again while simultaneously working hard to surmount tight deadlines. Under the pressure of arduous work, venerable grant writers remember their noble cause and how the world will eventually profit and be transformed by the project. The rewards are sweet when a grant writer is invested in a program that makes a meaningful and lasting difference against the odds.

2) Pragmatism

Although it may sound parodoxical after having rhapsodized over the value of idealism, a strong grant writer must also possess an element of practicality. Having a strong grasp on reality makes the process of goal-setting all the more tangible. Having a hold on realism also catalyzes the great grant writer to have a solid discernment of both their organization’s and community’s politics to know who to involve in the grant development process. Grant development and writing thrives at the intersection of trailblazing vision and politics.

3) Determination

Perseverance within the grant writer is triggered by the first two characteristics. When a grant writer is married to their socially worthy cause and is motivated to manifest their vision, the good grant writer doesn’t give up until it is realized. When the odds of actually obtaining funding are realized, a synergy of both idealism and pragmatism propells the grant writer to not relinquish their work until their project is funded.

4) Innovation

Being an innovative change agent as a grant writer is necessary for strategizing and developing new solutions to existing situations. Also, creativity is required in order to produce an engaging business writing style, which is a synergy of technical and intuitive methodologies. By conveying the organization’s history and goals in engaging prose, the promising grant writer is a cunning wordsmith.

5) Congeniality

Have you ever heard of the saying, “People fund people and not projects?” Effective grant writers know it’s preeminent to cultivate meaningful and productive relationships with people who share their vision for transforming the world. Formulating relationships with program officers is a good place to start.

6) Organization

Being able to master multitudinous projects, extensive research, and multiple deadlines takes exquisite organizational techniques. The very best in the field of grant writing are superior organizers who efficiently plan and execute their ambitious projects.

7) Engagement

Stellar grant writers are actively engaged and involved in their world, as they need to speak articulately about what is happening in their field, in their town, at their local foundation, and in political issues related to their vision. They often have their finger on the pulse and spot trends and changes with alacrity.

8) Perfectionism

Being obsessive-compulsive may actually behoove the grant writer, as writing guidelines must be followed with meticulous detail. The most successful grant writers are ones who review their work dozens of times and are never satisfied until their work is completely and entirely quintessential.

9) Specialization

It is recommended that grant writers specialize in one area – such as domestic violence or environmentalism – in order to fortify their writing and research skills. Also, by specializing in one field, they garner a strong reputation in the nonprofit community, which leads to more work in their area of expertise.

Believe it or not, but all of the grant writers of Words Prevail, LLC possess these traits. As a result, we have landed funding for major and life-saving projects in the nonprofit sector. Call our owner and director, Victoria Andrew, for a free consultation. 407.488.6055.

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW, CGW


About Victoria Andrew

Victoria Andrew is a writer, VP of marketing for a startup publishing company, and is the owner and director of Words Prevail, LLC Ms. Andrew has a BFA in fiction writing and is a certified professional resume writer with the Professional Association of Resume Writers. She has pursued comprehensive studies in grant writing with the American Grant Writers Association and The Foundation Center. She has also achieved a Certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Chicago's Graham School of Continuing Studies. She has applied her education in a variety of settings ranging from groundbreaking nonprofit organizations of Chicago, Fortune 500 companies, an international career management firm, and prestigious publishing companies including Scholastic. Having composed marketing documents and career transition strategies for hundreds of executives across the world, she maintains a record of producing lucrative results.
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