How to Accelerate Your Career in 20 Steps

Congratulations on taking the first step to accelerating your career: identifying a mission. Accelerating one’s career means different things to different people. For some, it may mean getting promoted. To others, it may involve furthering their personal career development. To others still, it may involve becoming an expert in their field. The good news is, by seeking to strengthen your competitive edge, you will position yourself to reach the mission you have set forth for yourself.

There are several key steps to accelerating your career. Let’s explore the top 20!

The first step is to learn to promote yourself and the unique value you have to offer. Learning to toot your own horn and make your accomplishments known to your boss and to other superiors within the company requires shameless self-promotion. Being shy and quiet about your contributions won’t help you advance. Self-promotion is a critical component to getting promoted, furthering your career development, and/or becoming known as an expert. In order to accelerate in your career, you must learn to market yourself and your talents, which is only achieved through confident self-promotion.

Take Initiative
Don’t wait for your boss to deliver you new opportunities on a silver platter. Don’t wait for your boss to provide you additional training. Don’t wait for your boss to establish your quarterly objectives either! Take the bull by the horns and pursue self-improvement and the acceleration of your career autonomously. Establish your own goals. Present them to your boss. Make it easy for him or her to review you by handing them all of your accomplishments from the past quarter. Obtain career coaching on your own. Lastly, strive to make the changes you wish to see in your career instead of waiting for them to be delivered to you.

Perpetually Advance Your Knowledge and Skills
Continually be engaged in the process of learning new skills in order to advance your career. Take continuing education classes. Read trade journals and business books. Learn from your mentors, co-workers, and even from your mistakes. You never know when you may learn something that will catalyze new ideas to grow business.

Pursue All Projects with Passion and Enthusiasm
By pursuing all things in your career with zealous fervor, you demonstrate to your boss that you appreciate your position and that you authentically care about what you are accomplishing. This will inevitably reward you with new projects and opportunities to advance your career.

Be an Innovative Change Agent
Thinking outside of the box with innovative strategies for revenue enhancement, cost-savings, and even in the fulfillment of general job requirements will garner you company-wide recognition and give you a competitive edge.

Continually Strive to Be a Top Producer
Perpetually seek to improve your performance and to produce at the highest of your potential at all times. Be competitive not just with other team members but also with yourself. Push yourself to new heights at all times.

Maintain a Positive Attitude
A positive attitude is essential for career progression. A positive attitude in the process of tackling new challenges and in overcoming any obstacles that come your way will ensure success in the evolution of your career. People want to work with upbeat people. You will be appreciated by your boss and team members on a deeper level by always being positive.

Always Promote Your Boss
Acceleration in your career will more likely happen if you incessantly strive to make your boss look good. Promote his or her successes and endeavor to anticipate their needs. Even if you don’t always agree with the management methodologies of your boss, remember that he or she is the one that ensures you get paid. Express your appreciation and support with their decisions in order to promote both your boss and company-wide growth.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge
Examine what sets you apart from your competition. Then, take the necessary steps needed to heighten these attributes with continual actions leading to self-improvement. By seeking to promote and fortify your competitive edge, you will position yourself to be considered for exciting new opportunities.

Be a Strong Team Player
Contributing to a team and supporting your co-workers within a team environment clearly demonstrates your abilities to collaborate and to work efficiently and proactively with others. Encourage, praise, and validate the accomplishments of those on your team, which will inevitably be reciprocated to you.

Become a Cost-Savings Expert
Any employee who not only wishes to contribute to production and growth from a cost-efficient perspective will be perceived as infinitely valuable. In a difficult economy (or even in times of prosperity), saving your company money will assist you in accelerating your career.

Search for Mentors
Pursuing role models and individuals with extensive experience and knowledge in your chosen field will steer you in the right direction for progressing in your career. Cultivating a relationship with a mentor will be tremendously rewarding from a professional perspective. You will most likely be astonished by the results.

Update your Resume
Throughout a position, it is preeminent to continually take inventory of your quantifiable accomplishments in order to update your resume. Even when you aren’t actively looking for a position, you always want to have a resume ready and available when opportunities present themselves. Pursue a certified professional resume writer to compose your resume to ensure that you have a powerful marketing document that is in alignment with the current standards of the Professional Association of Resume Writers.

Practice Perseverance
Envision exactly how you want your career to accelerate and practice indelible determination in the process of achieving your goals. Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of our goals, a commitment to excellence, that will enable us to attain the success that we seek.

Networking will accelerate your career in fast and dynamic ways! If you promote yourself and your competitive edge with individuals with power and influence, you will make invaluable connections which will help you climb the ladder to success.

Assiduously Seek Out New Opportunities
Successful people are always pursuing new opportunities for career advancement. Keep your mind and eyes open to possibilities for promotions. Also, use your creativity and problem-solving capabilities to strategize improvements to your company, which will in turn create new opportunities for your career.

Validate the Accomplishments of Team Members
Honor and appreciate the achievements of all team members. By validating, encouraging, and seeing the greatness in others and their individual contributions, you help others to see their purpose and value in an organization. They will, in turn, practice reciprocity with such appreciation.

Take Calculated Risks
Most successful executives have taken smart and calculated risks in their careers in order to make giant advancements. What you risk reveals what you value. If you value accelerating in your career, then shoot for the gold but do so with a carefully designed strategy in place.

Prioritize Your Work
By placing the most important and time-sensitive objectives at the top of your list, you will be an effective, productive, and therefore more valued employee.

Be Confident
Embark on the journey of accelerating your career with an intrepid perspective and confidence in your skills, attributes, experience, and knowledge. Do not be overly modest. By being confident, you will instill faith in your superiors that you can take on new challenges.

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW
Owner and Director of Words Prevail
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About Victoria Andrew

Victoria Andrew is a writer, VP of marketing for a startup publishing company, and is the owner and director of Words Prevail, LLC Ms. Andrew has a BFA in fiction writing and is a certified professional resume writer with the Professional Association of Resume Writers. She has pursued comprehensive studies in grant writing with the American Grant Writers Association and The Foundation Center. She has also achieved a Certificate in Creative Writing from the University of Chicago's Graham School of Continuing Studies. She has applied her education in a variety of settings ranging from groundbreaking nonprofit organizations of Chicago, Fortune 500 companies, an international career management firm, and prestigious publishing companies including Scholastic. Having composed marketing documents and career transition strategies for hundreds of executives across the world, she maintains a record of producing lucrative results.
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