Passion, Innovation, and Perseverance: The Keys to A Successful Startup is highlighting the story of how I launched Words Prevail, LLC on a “shoestring” budget with passion, perseverance, and innovation. Being an entrepreneur in a volatile economy takes certain strengths and a tremendous amount of fortitude. Learn more about it in my article for

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Objective Statement vs Powerful Branding Statement

According to the outdated format of resume writing, a candidate for a new job should open their resume with an objective statement to describe their personal and professional goals. However with the aggressive and innovative methodologies of Words Prevail, we have reinvented the concept of an objective statement and have transformed the practice into a “branding statement” for the resumes we compose for our clients.

What exactly is a branding statement?

It is a powerful and succinct statement utilized in the beginning of one’s resume to demonstrate what sets you apart from your competition.

In a volatile economy with skyrocketing unemployment rates, it is preeminent to differentiate yourself from thousands of other candidates. In traditional objective statements, a job description is basically reiterated and is an indication of how you will fill an organizational hierarchy. In a branding statement, you are composing a memorable, brief statement on your greatest strengths and talents, as well as sharing information on who your expertise will serve. It is basically a statement of positioning and targeting.

Consider the following examples where we compare and contrast a boring, outdated, traditional objective statement with an exciting, proactive, and eye-catching branding statement:

Example 1: The targeted position is for an HR Director

Outdated Objective Statement:
Seeking a HR Management position where my professional experience and education will allow me to make an immediate contribution as an integral part of a progressive company. Wishing to apply my business experience and education to assist the company in the accomplishment of its goals.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail:
Senior Human Resources Executive creating employee-oriented, high-performance culture emphasizing diversity, goal attainment, and superior workforce optimization. Utilizes process-oriented approach to transform struggling organizations in cross-cultural, rapid growth environments and leads award-winning training management strategies.

Example 2: The targeted position is for a Director of Marketing

Outdated Objective Statement:
Seeking a marketing management position with an organization where demonstrated skills in marketing, administration, and sales can be utilized to increase profitability and to promote growth.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Senior Marketing Executive leveraging entrepreneurial vision, branding, and eCommerce specialization to deliver lucrative results for rapid-growth corporations. Identifies long-term opportunities to produce high-impact ROI and increase customer outreach with cost-centric solutions. Elevates usability, traffic, and security.

Example 3: The targeted position is an Accounting Manager in Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis

Outdated Objective Statement:
Seeking a financial planning and analysis position where I can prepare financial and business-related analysis and research in such areas as financial and expense performance, rate of return, depreciation, working capital, and investments.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager improving capital structure, shareholder value, and business growth. Uncovers financial and operational performance trends, devising corrective actions, reducing capital spending, and orchestrating analytical tools. Skilled in acquisitions, divestiture planning, and restructure planning.

Example 4: The targeted position is for a Senior Sales Professional (Pharmaceutical Representative)

Outdated Objective Statement
Seeking a senior sales position to sell product lines, be a reliable source of information, and support the promotional effort behind products. Demonstrates great interpersonal effectiveness and grows revenue.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Senior Sales Executive leveraging expertise in partnership building, territory penetration, and market share acceleration. Catalyzes revenue generation and drives new product launches, resource acquisition and utilization, and brand awareness while steering companies to capitalize on new opportunities with entrepreneurial strategy.

Example 5: The targeted position is for a Senior Geologist and Project Manager with American Geotechnical, Inc

Outdated Objective Statement
Seeking a position to study the science of geology and apply it to construction, planning environmental measures, and exploring sources for coal, metal, petroleum, and natural gas. Manages teams effectively and provides great customer satisfaction.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Senior Geologist/Project Manager leveraging expertise in engineering, natural disaster analysis, sedimentology, petrology, remote sensing, and historical geology tours. Steers development of geologic maps, boring logs, cross-sections, and proposal preparation. Drives customer-focused solutions and delivers insight on current industry issues/trends to fortify retention and satisfaction levels.

Example 6: The targeted position is for a Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSSE) Manager with Tropical Bioenergia, S.A.

Outdated Objective Statement
Seeking a HSSE position to plan, coordinate, and implement issues and directives within an organization. Ensures safe environmental working conditions for all employees.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Environmental, Safety, Health, and Sustainability Executive driving strategic planning to identify and minimize environmental impacts and create measurable financial value. Catalyzes corporations to take social and economic responsibility by launching risk management solutions, enhancing core business competitiveness, and amplifying value to stakeholders, employees, and multinational enterprises.

In order to be called upon for opportunities and to have your resume outshine the thousands of other applicants, you need to demonstrate a specific area of expertise. To survive and thrive in a digital world and volatile economy, you have to choose a topic and master it. Your branding statement should reflect this in a dynamic way.

If you have more questions about how to craft a powerful branding statement for your resume, contact Words Prevail’s owner, director, and managing writer, Victoria Andrew at

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW and Owner/Director of Words Prevail

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Traits of a Stellar Grant Writer

Words Prevail, LLC offers a diversified service portfolio of business and resume writing for a diversity of executives, nonprofits, and small businesses on an international basis. Although we have garnered a prestigious reputation as a leader in the field of resume writing, our writers are also certified professional grant writers.

A client once asked me, “What are the traits of a phenomenal grant writer?” My initial response was to advocate the series of certifications all of our writers hold from the American Grant Writer’s Association. However, the quest for an amazing grant writer should go beyond certifications and awards. The nonprofit or individual searching for a quintessential grant writer should also look for the following character traits:

1) Idealism

Our dreams are what drives us all, especially in the nonprofit sector where trailblazers are committed to contributing something of great socio-political importance. In order to be a shapshifter, you must be an idealist. As a grant writer, carrying this flame of hope is what pushes us to risk rejection again and again while simultaneously working hard to surmount tight deadlines. Under the pressure of arduous work, venerable grant writers remember their noble cause and how the world will eventually profit and be transformed by the project. The rewards are sweet when a grant writer is invested in a program that makes a meaningful and lasting difference against the odds.

2) Pragmatism

Although it may sound parodoxical after having rhapsodized over the value of idealism, a strong grant writer must also possess an element of practicality. Having a strong grasp on reality makes the process of goal-setting all the more tangible. Having a hold on realism also catalyzes the great grant writer to have a solid discernment of both their organization’s and community’s politics to know who to involve in the grant development process. Grant development and writing thrives at the intersection of trailblazing vision and politics.

3) Determination

Perseverance within the grant writer is triggered by the first two characteristics. When a grant writer is married to their socially worthy cause and is motivated to manifest their vision, the good grant writer doesn’t give up until it is realized. When the odds of actually obtaining funding are realized, a synergy of both idealism and pragmatism propells the grant writer to not relinquish their work until their project is funded.

4) Innovation

Being an innovative change agent as a grant writer is necessary for strategizing and developing new solutions to existing situations. Also, creativity is required in order to produce an engaging business writing style, which is a synergy of technical and intuitive methodologies. By conveying the organization’s history and goals in engaging prose, the promising grant writer is a cunning wordsmith.

5) Congeniality

Have you ever heard of the saying, “People fund people and not projects?” Effective grant writers know it’s preeminent to cultivate meaningful and productive relationships with people who share their vision for transforming the world. Formulating relationships with program officers is a good place to start.

6) Organization

Being able to master multitudinous projects, extensive research, and multiple deadlines takes exquisite organizational techniques. The very best in the field of grant writing are superior organizers who efficiently plan and execute their ambitious projects.

7) Engagement

Stellar grant writers are actively engaged and involved in their world, as they need to speak articulately about what is happening in their field, in their town, at their local foundation, and in political issues related to their vision. They often have their finger on the pulse and spot trends and changes with alacrity.

8) Perfectionism

Being obsessive-compulsive may actually behoove the grant writer, as writing guidelines must be followed with meticulous detail. The most successful grant writers are ones who review their work dozens of times and are never satisfied until their work is completely and entirely quintessential.

9) Specialization

It is recommended that grant writers specialize in one area – such as domestic violence or environmentalism – in order to fortify their writing and research skills. Also, by specializing in one field, they garner a strong reputation in the nonprofit community, which leads to more work in their area of expertise.

Believe it or not, but all of the grant writers of Words Prevail, LLC possess these traits. As a result, we have landed funding for major and life-saving projects in the nonprofit sector. Call our owner and director, Victoria Andrew, for a free consultation. 407.488.6055.

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW, CGW

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Personal Mission Statement

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” – Marianne Williamson

As a resume writer, one of the first questions we ask a new client is, “What is your ideal job?” Even though we interview high-level executives with decades of experience in their chosen field, it is surprising how many spontaneously reveal their unfulfilled dreams. Sometimes their unrealized passions contradict societal paradigms of success and/or diverge from the career evolution their original resumes convey. Yet promptly, such an impulsive confessional is erased with a chuckle and air of sarcasm as they change their tone and launch into a discussion of their more pragmatic career goals.

Even if they have captured millions of dollars in annual revenue and their achievements surpass competition, some clients still struggle to articulate their true purpose and the unique value they bring to a corporation. A hiring manager may contemplate in response to their modesty and ambivalence, ” Is this person in the wrong field? Do they have a clear direction in life?”

Also, many job seekers are apprehensive of acknowledging their greatness and the marketable value of their contributions. Sadly, they underplay their achievements and potential. As their resume writer, I wonder, “Are they afraid of their true power and are they lacking in self-worth?” Due to their modesty, they often fear taking ownership of their accomplishments. As a result, their resume is diminished and hiring managers will not realize the full potential they could bring an enterprise.

To remedy this, I advise building a mission statement to engage in the self-assessment needed to empower a career direction and to connect with a unique purpose. A concise yet compelling mission statement may also allow you to identify companies that have similar values. It may help to better analyze the costs and benefits of a new career opportunity. Lastly, such an exercise will crystallize one’s true self and talents with integrity and free of societal expectations.

A personal mission statement infuses you with the power to manifest personal vision in your life. It is a method of synergizing your unique abilities, authentic truth, and the person you are in the process of becoming.

Remember to be patient with yourself. Conjuring a personal mission statement shall merely provide the steps and inspiration you need to create a life and a career that revolves around your own truth. The process of crafting your statement may spark the motivation needed to fulfill your highest potential.

It will also bestow upon you the clarity needed to apply for the companies which truly resonate with your calling and purpose in this world. Your career search will be more proactive and driven by the enthusiasm of bringing your unique talents to the corporation, which shall inevitably enhance client satisfaction and value to shareholders.

So, the question remains, how do you concoct a powerful, personal mission statement? Consider the following steps:

1. Imagine that you have unlimited wealth, influence, and the ability to manifest anything you want. Yet, even with such luxuries and power, you are still obligated to pursue a profession. If money was not an issue and you have no limitatations whatsoever, what would you do with your life?

2. Envision your version of the perfect work day. Where would you be working? What projects would you pursue? What type of people would you interact with? What would give you a deep sense of fulfillment by the end of the day? Write down your story of a day in the life of your dream job.

3. Author your own obituary. Compose the succinct version of your contributions to this world during your time on earth. What has been important to you? What difference did you make to your clients, company, community, and society as a result of your profession? Consider what you would like your descendents to remember you by for generations to come.

4. Identify three or four of the greatest accomplishments in your career. Consider your most significant achievements which truly transformed a company where you have worked. Utilize as many quantifiable details as you possibly can and construct your answers in a results-oriented perspective.

5. Clarify your core values. Some people operate according to a spiritual compass and others fulfill a set of principles to live by according to their philosophies. Contemplate what you stand for and what you believe to be your truth. Write about the actions you are taking to fulfill these principles on a daily basis.

6. What inspires you? Consider the qualities they possess and of which you strive to emulate. They may be people you know on a personal level, or famous individuals who are known for their achievements. Compose a list of their admirable qualities.

7. Write about ways you can make a difference to the ideal company or organization of your dreams. Describe how you could add value to not just the corporation but to society as a whole when actualizing your specific talents and skills.

8. Make a list of your top goals, both professionally and personally. Write them with absolute confidence that one day they will be fulfilled.

Now, you are ready to write your personal mission statement. Study the answers you have composed to these questions and hunt for recurring themes that arise. Also, circle words you have repeated in order to discern subconscious patterns revealing what is important to you. Keep in mind that it would be useful to construct a mission statement that is short enough to memorize. As you evolve as an individual, your mission statement should be revised as well. You are a work-in-progress. Each day can become a masterpiece by practicing this invaluable self-assessment tool. 

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW and Owner/Director of Words Prevail, LLC

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The Hidden Job Market For Green Jobs

What is a green job? According to the UN Environmental Program, a green job is “…work in agricultural, manufacturing, R&D, administrative, and service activities that contribute to restoring environmental quality. Specifically, this includes jobs that protect ecosystems and biodiversity, reduce energy and water consumption, decarbonize the economy, and minimize pollution.”

Countless articles have been published on the explosive growth and income-generating potential green jobs have to offer despite a volatile economy. Much has also been explored on the process of transitioning from a traditional corporate role to a position driven by social responsibility and environmental activism. Now, the question remains, how does one find a green job?

The traditional method is to explore popular, online job boards. There are the mainstream job boards such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and SimplyHired. However, you are not going to find a plethora of green collar positions on general job boards. Instead, consider cleantech job boards for opportunities related to environmental responsibility. TreeHugger’s Job Board and The Green Job Search are more fruitful options for a targeted search. In addition, there are job boards focused on specific areas within the green industry, such as Jobs in the Wind from the American Wind Energy Association.

However, employers may not advertise a job opportunity with an online job board for multiple reasons. The company of your dreams may be a startup and not possess an HR department. They cannot handle the volume of responses acquired from postings on and other broad-based posting. Therefore, other strategies to hunt for green jobs arise. Consider the possibilities within the hidden green job market:

1) Networking

Networking is a crucial skill for any graduate entering the job market or seasoned professional. How else will you meet the contacts necessary to acquire a new position in the cleantechn industry? Attend green events such as EcoTuesday, GreenDrinks, Green Festivals, or events sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society. For green networking tops, visit

2) Contact the Companies Directly

Many sustainable energy companies publish job listings on their website, as opposed to external recruitment for candidates. To gain access to these opportunities, candidates should identify enterprises they would be interested in working for. Tactics to review and access prospective companies include:

* Going to green memberships to review their lists of relevant employers. Examples including the American Solar Energy Society, American Wind Energy Association, Geothermal Energy Association, Sustainable Buildings Industry Council, and the Electric Auto Association.

* Review the exhibitor/presenter list at industry conferences. For instance, there were 400+ organizations at a recent Intersolar conference sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society.

* Read as many green publications as possible, such as Global Green USA Green Career journals/magazines will also have multitudinous news articles highlighting prospective employers.

* Go to the National Green Pages to discover a sustainable energy business directory.

3) Academic Institutions

Academic institutions should offer an encyclopedic array of job-related resources for colleges and students, including job fairs and listings. In response to the growing demand for green jobs, Columbia University and Standfor University are holding Energy and Environmental Career Fairs. The University of Illinois and University of Minnesota are also holding sustainable energy career fairs. Most importantly, academic insitutions are a quintessential place to engage in networking.

4) Recruiters

In response to the gigantic growth arising in green jobs, recruiters are specializing in careers involving sustainability. Examples of green recruiters include The Green Recruiter, Lotus Partners, Bright Green Talent, and Commongood Careers.

5) Membership Organizations

Industry associations and other membership-oriented organizations generate job postings along with their member services. For instance, Net Impact, a national organization focusing on actualizing business for social justice, offers career services and an annual green career expo.

6) Online Social Media

Company representatives (including hiring managers) often utilize social media to perform their own outreach initiatives for prospective candidates. For instance, the Green Jobs and Career Network Group on LinkedIn provides job postings in locations worldwide.

7) E-Mail Lists

E-mail lists for sustainable energy jobs are also an excellent method of penetrating the hidden job market. Most of these are free for job seekers to join, including Green Job List and YNPN.

Despite the recession, the American job market is growing fast for green careers. According to the Solar Energy Society’s green jobs report, “…green industries already generate 9 million jobs in the US, and with appropriate public policy, could grow to 40 million jobs by 2030.” A recent NY Times article also noted, “…56,000 newly trained workers and 14,000 project managers are needed to realize our current administration’s one-year goals for energy efficiency alone.”

So, now go out there and save our Mother Earth! Green careers lead to prosperity and job security. You will also be strengthening and healing both our economy and planet.

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW and Owner/Director of Words Prevail, LLC

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How To Save Your Job in an Unstable Economy

As the US economy descends into a seemingly deeper recession, axes are crashing on workers’ desks and corporate balance sheets are oozing with red ink. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, massive corporate layoffs left 152,816 workers without jobs in the U.S. for the month of the December alone. Throughout 2010, the economic downturn left 3,800 employees from Wells Fargo without jobs. 700 employees were laid off from Yahoo! right before Christmas. In the past year, 12,349 hospital employees across the nation have lost their jobs due to our volatile economy. In the past 6 months, 7,300 attorneys have lost their jobs as well due to our economic climate.

In the midst of such a nefarious maelstrom of corporate downsizing, what are we to do to protect our jobs? How can we prevent the hatchet from falling on our necks?

Step One: Engage in Self – Promotion

To avoid being downsized, it is preeminent to perpetually take inventory of your accomplishments and to confidently articulate your achievements. Kristen Dixson, author of Career Distinction: Stand Out By Building Your Brand writes, “If you’re flying under the radar, you’re going to be the first to be eliminated.” If you’re not intrepid in claiming your achievements, promoting yourself, and consistently proving your worth, it will be impossible to grow and thrive in your career.

In these challenging economic times, it is important to craft a value proposition that succinctly crystallizes the unique value you have to bring to the corporation. If you have been hired based on your abilities of growing and innovating new lines of business, you may need to alter your value proposition to prove you are as adept at cost cutting as you are in idea generation.

Although communicating how you have enhanced revenue is high on the list, it is equally important to promote how you have mitigated risks, enhanced efficiency and productivity, and achieved significant cost savings.

Step Two: Give Yourself a Competitive Edge

When layoffs seem inevitable, career management consultants advise to learn as much about your company as possible. Employees should strive to discern the challenges and various functions of the organization. The more you can grasp, the more versatile and valuable you will be. By taking the initiative to volunteer at staff events or to partake in committees, you will have the opportunity to learn about other departments. In doing so, you will arm yourself with the knowledge and understanding needed to transfer to a different department, if needed.

You will also elevate your value and career security even more if you engage in continuing education to sharpen your skills, expand your portfolio of capabilities, and prepare yourself for future technologies. Acquiring new certifications and growing your knowledge base will demonstrate your ambition and enable you to more fully participate in the strategic direction of the business unit.

Step Three: Be Positive and Enthusiastic

Although acknowledging the need for a plan to survive layoffs requires “pessimistic realism”, the most astute choice you can make in these circumstances is to embrace a positive attitude and to envision a favorable future for yourself. Viktor Frankl wrote in Man’s Search for Meaning that freedom is found simply through a transformation of perspective. Change your attitude and viewpoint of an unstable economy into an opportunity to appreciate your career and a motivation to immerse yourself more completely into your company with determination to make a difference in the lives of others with your work.

Furthermore, there is nothing more powerful and productive than positively focusing on the needs of your customers. Anticipating and caring for the needs of your customers, both external and internal, should be your top priority. Your job is less likely to be eliminated if your clientele find your services and contributions to be vital to their success and satisfaction.

Step Four: Wear Multiple Hats

To heighten your chances of survival, embrace your inner Bartholomew Cubbins, the Dr. Seuss character who wore 500 different hats. Reorganizations and consolidations involve tremendous change, which requires versatile professionals. In many companies, senior staff members are often expected to play more than one role in order to control expenses as well.

If you’re not already wearing multitudinous hats in one job, begin brainstorming methods in which you can support and grow your company with talents, experiences, or special interests your boss may not have previous knowledge of. A recession offers endless opportunities to capitalize on your various capabilities and create training programs, revised performance methodologies, and new opportunities.

Step Five: Be A Team Player

Joanne C. Dustin, a certified career coach, says, “These times require cooperation, flexibility, and willingness to go the extra mile.” Thus, playing well with others is critical when downsizing is being executed in an enterprise. Prima donnas who cause melodrama or dissension will be the first on the chopping block when an organization is struggling. Nurturing healthy relationships with both your co-workers and your boss demonstrates emotional intelligence and maturity, which is invaluable to a company during times of trouble.

Also, let it be known that you are willing to help others who may be overloaded at the moment. Along with assisting others in addition to your own workload, be willing to even put in a Saturday to get it done. Volunteering to work on a weekend makes an amazing impact on those in charge of making the tough decisions about terminations.

Step Six: Be Visible & Engaged

Lack of visibility in your corporation is a sure fire way to become expendable. According to Florence Fass of the New York Law Journal, empathy plays a significant role in the termination process. She says, “ The better known you are both personally and professionally, the greater the empathy factor and the more hesitant the decision becomes when deciding who to cut.”

Therefore, remember Woody Allen’s advice that 80% of success is merely showing up. Go to the voluntary and informal meetings you used to skip. Without hindering your efficiency and productivity, get out of your office to walk the floor and see how people are doing. Seize opportunities for collaboration and facilitate harmony and communication between departments. Openly express support for the decisions made by upper management and congratulate others on their various successes and achievements on a daily basis. In other words, become a vital “corporate citizen” within your organization.

Step Seven: Update Your Resume

Formulate a backup plan by contacting a professional resume writing service company, such as Words Prevail, LLC  , who has certified writers composing powerful resumes according to the standards and methodologies of the Professional Association of Resume Writers. Studies reveal that hiring managers only take 15 seconds to review a resume, thus you must seize this opportunity with the most powerful marketing document possible.

The process of having your resume professionally composed is both an empowering and eye-opening experience, which shall fortify your ability to more effectively communicate your value and give you a competitive edge.

Ultimately, in order to save your job in a recession, fulfill career coach Stephanski Plouffe’s advice: “ Be ready for whatever change may come up. If you can develop an attitude that nothing is going to stay the same and that your organization and your job will always be in flux, that will help you cope.”

By executing these seven steps, you can thrive professionally – and not just survive – a recession.

 ~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW and Owner/Director of Words Prevail, LLC

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Toot Your Own Horn for Career Success

It often takes many years for job seekers to come into realization of how self-promotion catalyzes career success. We are not referring to flamboyant self-promotion that could potentially hinder a career, but of the meticulously planned self-advocacy that optimizes your achievements and promotions. Even if we are of the top 1% who have someone high enough on the corporate food chain to act as a champion on our behalf, they could never accurately articulate our accomplishments. Ultimately, we are forced to face the reality that self-promotion is something we must do for ourselves.

People often spend several years of their career with their noses down, never once being truly noticed and validated despite pursuing their job with superior performance. We hear over and over again that networking is essential to any successful job search and you must aggressively pursue your own leads. Yet, there is a critical component to networking, securing promotions, and/or negotiating a raise that is often overlooked: mastering the art of self-promotion. If you’re not confident in claiming your achievements and promoting yourself, it will be impossible to advance in your career. Thus, we suggest that you toot your own horn and honk it proudly!

The average job seeker tends to articulate only responsibilities rather than being proactive in describing their quantifiable achievements. They monotonously rehash previous job descriptions instead of describing acccomplishments in resumes, cover letters, networking events, and interviews. We think we may be following standard procedures and will be liked for appearing obsequious, quiet, and even self-effacing.

Wrong! In your career campaign, you will discover humility is counterproductive and shall not help you land the position, raise, or promotion you deserve.

In order for self-confidence to be fortified, engage in fearless self-assessment to explore achievements, passions, strengths, and talents. Consider pursuing psychometric testing to uncover your ideal career and personality type. Sharpening self-knowledge empowers you to speak with authority about the unique value you have to contribute to a corporation.

Your resume is also a powerful marketing tool and the quintessential opportunity to transform job responsibilities into engaging accomplishments. By doing so, you will garner the attention of a hiring manager and better compete in today’s challenging marketplace. By making every bullet a reflection of successes that can quantified or qualified, you will convey the many assets you have to bring to a company more powerfully.

Job searching is all about sales: the product you are marketing is you!

Furthermore, the art of self-promotion is catalyzed by crafting a value proposition that succinctly and powerfully crystallizes what you have to offer a company. It is a powerful marketing strategy. Once you know exactly what you are selling – and why you are such an extraordinary product – practice saying it over and over. When you’re in networking and interview situations, you’ll want to be able to astutely and clearly convey you’re greatest strengths effortlessly.

The most important issue is to realize you’ve earned the right to celebrate accomplishments. Many times when something fantastic happens to us, we question ourselves as to whether or not we deserve it. Let us not be possessed by such a trivial concern as to whether or not we are being considered obnoxious or egotistical. Don’t worry if someone responds to your confidence with, “Man, does she have balls!” Such a concern is a complete waste of time.

The most successful career professionals are the ones who have transcended their fears and self-deprecating modesty. They aren’t afraid to tell everyone how great they are. Quite frankly, we should applaud them. If you don’t toot your own horn, nobody else will do it for you.

As you enter the new year and possibly a new career search, be proud of your accomplishments. You have earned it. Toot! Toot!

Engage in Shameless Self-Promotion for Success

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW and Owner/Director of Words Prevail, LLC

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