The Power of a Positive Attitude

“Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we can be.”
― Anthony Robbins

“Cultivate an optimistic mind, use your imagination, always consider alternatives, and dare to believe that you can make possible what others think is impossible.”
― Rodolfo Costa

Throughout my many years as a certified professional resume writer, I have discovered that the most successful candidates are those that embrace a positive attitude throughout their career campaigns. Multiple sources of stress abound and anxiety is high in the midst of a career transition, however harnessing an optimistic approach always garners lucrative and auspicious results in a job search. Candidates that exude positivity also convey confidence and self-assurance to an employer, which are always attractive traits. No one wants to work with someone who exudes negativity. By demonstrating a positive attitude, you give yourself a competitive edge and you will instill confidence in hiring managers that you have unique value to bring to any new enterprise.

Throughout a job search, there is precious little that you have control over. There are no guarantees that you will impress a future employer or even make it past a phone interview. However, the one thing you do have control over in your job search is your attitude. Throughout my professional experience, I have observed that negative attitudes are most often based on fear, lack of confidence, or past defeats. With a negative attitude, you are fighting yourself as well as thousands of other applicants for the same job. However, choosing a positive approach even in the midst of adversity will instill the tenacity and intrepid resilience needed to persist in the face of constant competition and possible rejection.

Job seekers must also become keenly aware of how attitude affects everyone in immeasurable ways. Take several moments to reflect on your own attitude – regarding work, salary, career history, and your ideal future job. Consider how does one’s expectations influence attitude? How does one’s attitude alter expectations? How are positive attitudes displayed? How would an individual giving an interview know if the applicant sitting across the desk had a positive attitude or a negative attitude? What signs are given? What nonverbal cues are broadcast to others either consciously or unconsciously? Why would attitudes be taken into consideration in the work place? After all, an employee is there to work, not necessarily to make friends.

A positive attitude is a soft skill that inspires others. Anything less can and will affect the group. Consider examples of your favorite or least favorite managers and how they have displayed an attitude and what, if any, effect occurred as a result. Are people more apt to follow someone displaying a certain attitude or not? Positivity is also a trait found in strong and stalwart leaders.
Consider the following tips to follow throughout your job search in order to maintain a positive attitude:

Establishing a positive attitude is enabled by goal-setting. It begins with a strong belief system that anything is possible if you have the courage, commitment, and perseverance to achieve your aspirations. Develop a 5- year plan. Awaken each morning and review your goals in order to stay motivated throughout the day during your job search.

2. Take Charge
Be accountable for your own actions by taking responsibility for everything you do. You are in control of your destiny. Don’t let a challenging day or rejection send your search in the wrong direction. Take initiative in doing everything possible to prepare and position yourself for your ideal future job.

3. Don’t Take Things Personally
It’s all too easy to take your struggles within the job search process a little too personally. While it’s important to learn from your experiences, consider them as constructive criticism and grow accordingly.

4. Maintain A Schedule
Creating a schedule that you maintain can often send your job search in a new direction. Focus your attention on your daily tasks to prevent yourself from feeling frustrated.

5. Continue Enhancing and Diversifying Your Skill Set
A negative attitude might result from boredom and feeling stagnant. Work to ensure that your skills are staying fresh and cutting-edge during your search. Pursue a continuing education class, attend conferences and webinars, or even volunteer at a local nonprofit in order to strengthen your skills.

6. Take It One Day at a Time
Your attitude may suffer when you are continually spending your time worrying about the future. Take your job search one day at a time and understand that small steps get the job done just as well as larger ones. Remember, the only way to eat an elephant is one piece at a time.

7. Establish Rewards For Yourself
Make time in your job search for rewards. Even the smallest success is something worth patting yourself on the back for. By rewarding yourself for the various victories along the way, you become your own champion which will inevitably instill confidence and fortify your positive attitude.

By making a commitment to demonstrating a positive attitude throughout your career campaign, you will both make the process less painful and you will generate successful results. A hiring manager will be 100 times more likely to invite you back for a second interview if you demonstrate the exuberance and confidence that a positive attitude instills.

For resume writing services, interview coaching, and career campaign consultation, contact Victoria Andrew at 407.488.6055.
~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW

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Highlighted Candidate of the Week: Destiny Quinn


This week, Words Prevail would like to highlight Destiny Quinn. She is an outstanding sales account manager that can bring a competitive edge to any organization. She is a strategist with the ability to develop key client relationships, enhance your company brand and cultivate leads. 

Consider the following:

  • Won “Customer Support of the Year” award for executing exceptional customer service practices at Strategis.
  • Won Recruiter of the Month early in her job tenure with Vaco; exercised specialization in staffing division involving administrative, clerical, and light accounting positions.
  • Accomplished 154% of goal per month in the fulfillment of career interest/leads for Fortis College.
  • Overcame volatile economy and eclipsed competition by practicing Keller Williams’ proven business model, overcoming objections, and selling with dedication to exceeding goals.

It is clear that Destiny Quinn leverages her expertise in business, product, channel, and team development.  She is skilled in national accounts and client relations in world-class, rapid growth environments and initiates new business with strategy development and dynamic closing techniques. Furthermore, she raises brand visibility and awareness by creating high-profile initiatives and events while also solving mission-critical challenges.

To contact Destiny Quinn to obtain her resume and to schedule an interview, please email her directly at

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Highlighted Candidate of the Week: Rob Quinn

Rob Quinn_pic

Although every single Words Prevail client is extraordinary, talented, and amazing in their own right, now and then I come across a truly exceptional candidate who I would like to highlight in order to fortify their career campaign. Thus, Words Prevail is launching a new initiative: a weekly post to highlight select candidates in order to garner attention from hiring managers and recruiters.

Our first highlighted candidate is the exceptional Rob Quinn, who is an amazing sales executive and award-winning leader.

Rob Quinn builds advantage in diverse markets, creates presence and demand for products, eclipses competitors, and executes sustainable growth in new account development. He exercises a consultative sales approach for business-to-business sales while also generating new and recurring revenue streams in high-growth situations. Most importantly, Rob pushes companies to next stage of success via individual contributions and large-scale efforts.

Let’s consider some of his greatest accomplishments:
► Consistently ranked in top 10%-25% of all Cintas Corporation’s sales professionals throughout tenure for weekly sales accomplishments; surpassed sales goals for six consecutive quarters and Achiever’s Cub sales volume level by executing consultative sales tactics, conducting prospective company research, instilling client trust and loyalty, and by implementing effective networking practices.

► Proved vital to improving Fastenal Company’s sales from $428K to $1.75M+ in less than four years; overcame volatile economy by employing a charismatic, consultative approach to business-to-business sales.

► Spearheaded territory penetration in Central Florida market and unlocked opportunities in Orlando; skyrocketed revenue from zero to $105,000+ in less than seven months by leveraging business-to-business sales expertise and capitalizing on extensive networking contacts while establishing new relationships.

Without a doubt, Rob Quinn is a strong, innovative change agent who brings unique value and a competitive edge to any organization. Leveraging a proven track record in territory penetration, business development, sales presentations, training a sales force, and consistently surpassing sales goals, Mr. Quinn is an ideal candidate for any position within sales.

To contact Rob Quinn to obtain his resume and to schedule an interview, please email him directly at

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How to Accelerate Your Career in 20 Steps

Congratulations on taking the first step to accelerating your career: identifying a mission. Accelerating one’s career means different things to different people. For some, it may mean getting promoted. To others, it may involve furthering their personal career development. To others still, it may involve becoming an expert in their field. The good news is, by seeking to strengthen your competitive edge, you will position yourself to reach the mission you have set forth for yourself.

There are several key steps to accelerating your career. Let’s explore the top 20!

The first step is to learn to promote yourself and the unique value you have to offer. Learning to toot your own horn and make your accomplishments known to your boss and to other superiors within the company requires shameless self-promotion. Being shy and quiet about your contributions won’t help you advance. Self-promotion is a critical component to getting promoted, furthering your career development, and/or becoming known as an expert. In order to accelerate in your career, you must learn to market yourself and your talents, which is only achieved through confident self-promotion.

Take Initiative
Don’t wait for your boss to deliver you new opportunities on a silver platter. Don’t wait for your boss to provide you additional training. Don’t wait for your boss to establish your quarterly objectives either! Take the bull by the horns and pursue self-improvement and the acceleration of your career autonomously. Establish your own goals. Present them to your boss. Make it easy for him or her to review you by handing them all of your accomplishments from the past quarter. Obtain career coaching on your own. Lastly, strive to make the changes you wish to see in your career instead of waiting for them to be delivered to you.

Perpetually Advance Your Knowledge and Skills
Continually be engaged in the process of learning new skills in order to advance your career. Take continuing education classes. Read trade journals and business books. Learn from your mentors, co-workers, and even from your mistakes. You never know when you may learn something that will catalyze new ideas to grow business.

Pursue All Projects with Passion and Enthusiasm
By pursuing all things in your career with zealous fervor, you demonstrate to your boss that you appreciate your position and that you authentically care about what you are accomplishing. This will inevitably reward you with new projects and opportunities to advance your career.

Be an Innovative Change Agent
Thinking outside of the box with innovative strategies for revenue enhancement, cost-savings, and even in the fulfillment of general job requirements will garner you company-wide recognition and give you a competitive edge.

Continually Strive to Be a Top Producer
Perpetually seek to improve your performance and to produce at the highest of your potential at all times. Be competitive not just with other team members but also with yourself. Push yourself to new heights at all times.

Maintain a Positive Attitude
A positive attitude is essential for career progression. A positive attitude in the process of tackling new challenges and in overcoming any obstacles that come your way will ensure success in the evolution of your career. People want to work with upbeat people. You will be appreciated by your boss and team members on a deeper level by always being positive.

Always Promote Your Boss
Acceleration in your career will more likely happen if you incessantly strive to make your boss look good. Promote his or her successes and endeavor to anticipate their needs. Even if you don’t always agree with the management methodologies of your boss, remember that he or she is the one that ensures you get paid. Express your appreciation and support with their decisions in order to promote both your boss and company-wide growth.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge
Examine what sets you apart from your competition. Then, take the necessary steps needed to heighten these attributes with continual actions leading to self-improvement. By seeking to promote and fortify your competitive edge, you will position yourself to be considered for exciting new opportunities.

Be a Strong Team Player
Contributing to a team and supporting your co-workers within a team environment clearly demonstrates your abilities to collaborate and to work efficiently and proactively with others. Encourage, praise, and validate the accomplishments of those on your team, which will inevitably be reciprocated to you.

Become a Cost-Savings Expert
Any employee who not only wishes to contribute to production and growth from a cost-efficient perspective will be perceived as infinitely valuable. In a difficult economy (or even in times of prosperity), saving your company money will assist you in accelerating your career.

Search for Mentors
Pursuing role models and individuals with extensive experience and knowledge in your chosen field will steer you in the right direction for progressing in your career. Cultivating a relationship with a mentor will be tremendously rewarding from a professional perspective. You will most likely be astonished by the results.

Update your Resume
Throughout a position, it is preeminent to continually take inventory of your quantifiable accomplishments in order to update your resume. Even when you aren’t actively looking for a position, you always want to have a resume ready and available when opportunities present themselves. Pursue a certified professional resume writer to compose your resume to ensure that you have a powerful marketing document that is in alignment with the current standards of the Professional Association of Resume Writers.

Practice Perseverance
Envision exactly how you want your career to accelerate and practice indelible determination in the process of achieving your goals. Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of our goals, a commitment to excellence, that will enable us to attain the success that we seek.

Networking will accelerate your career in fast and dynamic ways! If you promote yourself and your competitive edge with individuals with power and influence, you will make invaluable connections which will help you climb the ladder to success.

Assiduously Seek Out New Opportunities
Successful people are always pursuing new opportunities for career advancement. Keep your mind and eyes open to possibilities for promotions. Also, use your creativity and problem-solving capabilities to strategize improvements to your company, which will in turn create new opportunities for your career.

Validate the Accomplishments of Team Members
Honor and appreciate the achievements of all team members. By validating, encouraging, and seeing the greatness in others and their individual contributions, you help others to see their purpose and value in an organization. They will, in turn, practice reciprocity with such appreciation.

Take Calculated Risks
Most successful executives have taken smart and calculated risks in their careers in order to make giant advancements. What you risk reveals what you value. If you value accelerating in your career, then shoot for the gold but do so with a carefully designed strategy in place.

Prioritize Your Work
By placing the most important and time-sensitive objectives at the top of your list, you will be an effective, productive, and therefore more valued employee.

Be Confident
Embark on the journey of accelerating your career with an intrepid perspective and confidence in your skills, attributes, experience, and knowledge. Do not be overly modest. By being confident, you will instill faith in your superiors that you can take on new challenges.

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW
Owner and Director of Words Prevail
Call 407.307.9239 or email for a free quote on resume writing services.

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The Value of Being Succinct in a Resume


“Since brevity is the soul of wit and tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief.”

–          William Shakespeare

As a poet, Shakespeare understood the preeminence of being succinct. I think it is safe to make the conjecture that if this quality was important in 1595, just imagine how crucial it is today, especially for hiring managers when leafing through thousands of applicants’ resumes.


Take pity on your readers in the process of writing your resume and take Shakespeare’s writing secret to heart: be brief yet still powerful and impactful in a concise manner. Endeavor to find the exact word or phrase to convey your accomplishments. In corporate copywriting, it’s easy to slip into jargon. We swim in a cesspool of boring, unimaginative language. In resume writing, it takes work and commitment to find the most impactful words and turns of phrase.


Keep in mind that a four-page resume does not convey a greater breadth to your career or demonstrate you have immeasurable value with its length. Instead it bogs a reader down in text, hiding your best accomplishments amidst duties and responsibilities that are often duplicated from one position to the next. More likely than not, it is wordy and lacks the dynamic sentences needed to engage a reader and make you stand out from the crowd.

As a certified, professional resume writer, I have the opportunity to write for a wide array of professionals. Often, my client’s original documents are four- or five-page resumes exploding with a cacophony of information regarding their vast experience. The problem with that sort of diffuse presentation is that a potential employer gets lost on the first page because the material is not broken up in a reader-friendly fashion. When there is too much information in a document, the real value – what makes you unique and gives you a competitive edge – fails to come across.

Therefore, my recommendation is quite clear (and concise) when crafting your resume: limit yourself to one or two pages and break up the information with paragraphs and bullets not exceeding two lines. In general, recent graduates should almost always limit themselves to a one-page resume. Regarding seasoned professionals with extensive experience – don’t be shocked, but chances are that a one-pager may work best for you as well.

Short, succinct statements containing quantifiable results are the best way to communicate to a potential employer what you can do for them. In practicing this methodology, you will capture the attention of the hiring manager within the first 15 seconds of opportunity to get your foot in the door.

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW

Owner, Director, and Managing Writer of Words Prevail, LLC

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Preparing College Students For the Workforce

ImageAn Interview with Dr. Barbara S. Andrew, Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Department of Philosophy of William Patterson University

Conducted By Victoria Andrew, Director, Owner, and Managing Writer of Words Prevail, LLC

VICTORIA ANDREW: What, in your opinion, is the most important thing a college student should do to prepare for the workforce prior to graduation?

BARBARA ANDREW: Go to the career center on campus. Preferably, students should go during their freshman year. Yet, even if you have already graduated, you can still go to the career center. They will assist you in writing your resume; they will have an extensive database of jobs and networking contacts of alumni.

Second, try to find a job or an internship in college. It is most helpful to find one related to the job you want to work in. Any job or internship will help you gain experience, give you contacts, and find out which work environments best suit you.

Third, ask professors for letters of recommendation during your last semester or right after your graduation. Your college might have a letter of recommendation service where you can file those letters. It’s a good thing to ask your professors early on so they can start writing a letter of recommendation while your work is fresh in their minds.

VICTORIA ANDREW: What do you do as a professor in your classroom to prepare your students for a career after graduation?

BARBARA ANDREW: I encourage them to go to career center workshops. I encourage students to volunteer or get internships. I talk to students about what kinds of careers are most likely to be available according to their majors after graduation and according to the trends that you hear about in the economy.

I also tell students to be creative and flexible in thinking about their degrees. Some students think that their majors lead directly to a job. This is usually a mistake. Most undergrad majors are not directly linked to a job. Instead, in college, you are getting a wide variety of skills relatable to a wide variety of jobs. We also have to take into consideration that a lot of current jobs won’t be available 15 years from now, and a great deal of new jobs will be created. While in college, it is important to focus on acquiring a certain skills set instead of preparing for a specific profession.

VICTORIA ANDREW: How does achieving a major in philosophy give you a competitive edge in the job market after graduation?

BARBARA ANDREW: Many of my students ask, “How is majoring in philosophy going to assist me in landing a job? How will it help me?” Majoring in philosophy is no different that majoring in English or sociology. If anything, majoring in philosophy makes you more unique in the job market and assists you in standing out in the eyes of a hiring manager.  Some of the specific benefits I tell philosophy majors are the following:

  • Philosophy students take many courses in logic, which trains  in reasoning and argumentation skills. These directly apply to a wide variety of jobs which match those skills. For instance, when you study logic and argumentation, you find out how to practice powers of persuasion and consultative selling skills so you can most likely succeed in sales.
  • According to the Educational Testing Service, philosophy majors also score higher on the GREs than any other major (with the exception of physics majors). Philosophy students also score higher on LSATs than prelaw majors. Lastly, philosophy students consistently score higher on the GMATs than business majors.  Thus, if you want to go to grad school, philosophy is the way to go.
  • Philosophy majors are also very strong writers, good at writing short and succinct arguments. You know, the person who can write the best office memo often wins the office dispute. If you become skilled at writing short, clear arguments, you are likely to be successful in the corporate world where communication requires that skill.
  • At the beginning of a philosophy graduate’s career, they usually earn just as much as any other graduate. However, as they progress into a mid-level career, philosophy majors are in the top third of wage earners. Thus, what we can surmise is that philosophy majors rise more in their careers than average.

VICTORIA ANDREW: What is the most preeminent thing that a new grad needs to implement into their resume?

BARBARA ANDREW: I would suggest consulting with a Certified Professional Resume Writer, such as the phenomenal writers of Words Prevail, LLC, to answer that question. Or, once again, visit your career center for guidance.

Ultimately, the point of college is to learn how to be a thinking citizen and how to be a person who will think broadly and deeply about social, scientific, and ethical issues which will help you succeed in the corporate world. The skill set you develop in college include the ability to perform research and to seek knowledge for the sake of seeking knowledge.

Most college professors are experts in their subject matter and not necessarily in careers outside of academia. For instance, college isn’t going to teach you how to be a phenomenal pharmaceutical rep, but it can teach you to how interpret the literature, how to make persuasive presentations to a diversity of doctors, and how to be a good conduit between doctors, patients, and pharmaceutical companies.

In college you will garner a strong set of skills you can apply to any job. Yet, keep in mind that the purpose of a college degree is much broader than finding a job.

VICTORIA ANDREW: Thank you, Professor Barbara Andrew, for your very helpful advice for our entry level/ recent grad clients. We encourage such prospective clients to call us at Words Prevail where we can help evaluate your skills and help you achieve your professional aspirations by composing a powerful resume for you that will garner the attention of hiring managers and give you a competitive edge even in a volatile economy. We are also available to give workshops and presentations on resume writing, interviewing techniques, and networking skills. Contact Victoria Andrew at or call 407.488.6055 for a free consultation today.

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Transitioning into a Green Career


Both the economy and our environment are in state of crisis.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9% of the labor force is unemployed.  The Environmental Defense Fund reports the carbon dioxide level is higher today that it has been in measurable history, which is 2.1 million years.  Glaciers are melting and coastal wetlands could possibly vanish will the rising sea level.

Despite the earth and our economy being in danger, good news is on the horizon.  Jobs in the sustainable energy field are poised for explosive growth.  Currently, the demand for renewable energy is opening more than 9 million jobs and $10 billion in revenue in United States.

Although penetrating the green collar industry is highly similar to any career transition, there are a few differences to consider:

* Do not be intimidated.  No one is an expert in green collar jobs.
“Don’t worry about starting at the bottom!  You’re never going to have another opportunity in your career where the bottom is so close to the top.  Someone with three years of biofuel experience is already a foremost expert in the country,” states Dawn Dzurilla, President of Gaia Human Capital Consultants.

* Embrace learning with passion!
We are on the verge of an exhilarating renaissance in product development and innovation.  For every new career, such as a wind turbine fabricator or photovoltaic engineer, there are 10 to 12 jobs automatically created to support it.  Instead of allowing anxiety over uncharted territory to sabotage your interests, seize this opportunity to learn as much as possible on new and emerging developments in sustainable energy.  Keep yourself informed with cutting-edge websites, such as

* Pursue grassroots organizations instead of Fortune 500 businesses.
Acceleration in your green career growth is catalyzed by investing in companies that take new energy initiatives seriously, as opposed to just having a little green on the side.  According to Michael Eckhart, President of ACORE, “There’s a high probability that the winners are going to be companies no one has heard of so far, such as Better Place.  They are the ones that will be exploding within the next five to ten years.”

* Take the green temperature of your targeted company.
 Pay close attention to any hiring green company to confirm if their commitment is pursued with 100% integrity.  If the Green Expert is reporting to the CSR instead of the CFO, then that is not the company for you.  Be direct, and ask penetrating questions on the company’s green priorities.  Assess their view of green-washing rules, and discover how they plan to brand themselves as a green washer.  Pursue further research on your company’s green level by checking the State of Green Business Report on

Job seekers from every segment of society are anxious to transfer their skills to the renewable energy industry in order to benefit from the infusion of capital, effort, and opportunity.  An investment in your career and our mother earth holds the promise of a better tomorrow.

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW and owner/director of Words Prevail, LLC

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Passion, Innovation, and Perseverance: The Keys to A Successful Startup is highlighting the story of how I launched Words Prevail, LLC on a “shoestring” budget with passion, perseverance, and innovation. Being an entrepreneur in a volatile economy takes certain strengths and a tremendous amount of fortitude. Learn more about it in my article for

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Objective Statement vs Powerful Branding Statement

According to the outdated format of resume writing, a candidate for a new job should open their resume with an objective statement to describe their personal and professional goals. However with the aggressive and innovative methodologies of Words Prevail, we have reinvented the concept of an objective statement and have transformed the practice into a “branding statement” for the resumes we compose for our clients.

What exactly is a branding statement?

It is a powerful and succinct statement utilized in the beginning of one’s resume to demonstrate what sets you apart from your competition.

In a volatile economy with skyrocketing unemployment rates, it is preeminent to differentiate yourself from thousands of other candidates. In traditional objective statements, a job description is basically reiterated and is an indication of how you will fill an organizational hierarchy. In a branding statement, you are composing a memorable, brief statement on your greatest strengths and talents, as well as sharing information on who your expertise will serve. It is basically a statement of positioning and targeting.

Consider the following examples where we compare and contrast a boring, outdated, traditional objective statement with an exciting, proactive, and eye-catching branding statement:

Example 1: The targeted position is for an HR Director

Outdated Objective Statement:
Seeking a HR Management position where my professional experience and education will allow me to make an immediate contribution as an integral part of a progressive company. Wishing to apply my business experience and education to assist the company in the accomplishment of its goals.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail:
Senior Human Resources Executive creating employee-oriented, high-performance culture emphasizing diversity, goal attainment, and superior workforce optimization. Utilizes process-oriented approach to transform struggling organizations in cross-cultural, rapid growth environments and leads award-winning training management strategies.

Example 2: The targeted position is for a Director of Marketing

Outdated Objective Statement:
Seeking a marketing management position with an organization where demonstrated skills in marketing, administration, and sales can be utilized to increase profitability and to promote growth.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Senior Marketing Executive leveraging entrepreneurial vision, branding, and eCommerce specialization to deliver lucrative results for rapid-growth corporations. Identifies long-term opportunities to produce high-impact ROI and increase customer outreach with cost-centric solutions. Elevates usability, traffic, and security.

Example 3: The targeted position is an Accounting Manager in Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis

Outdated Objective Statement:
Seeking a financial planning and analysis position where I can prepare financial and business-related analysis and research in such areas as financial and expense performance, rate of return, depreciation, working capital, and investments.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager improving capital structure, shareholder value, and business growth. Uncovers financial and operational performance trends, devising corrective actions, reducing capital spending, and orchestrating analytical tools. Skilled in acquisitions, divestiture planning, and restructure planning.

Example 4: The targeted position is for a Senior Sales Professional (Pharmaceutical Representative)

Outdated Objective Statement
Seeking a senior sales position to sell product lines, be a reliable source of information, and support the promotional effort behind products. Demonstrates great interpersonal effectiveness and grows revenue.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Senior Sales Executive leveraging expertise in partnership building, territory penetration, and market share acceleration. Catalyzes revenue generation and drives new product launches, resource acquisition and utilization, and brand awareness while steering companies to capitalize on new opportunities with entrepreneurial strategy.

Example 5: The targeted position is for a Senior Geologist and Project Manager with American Geotechnical, Inc

Outdated Objective Statement
Seeking a position to study the science of geology and apply it to construction, planning environmental measures, and exploring sources for coal, metal, petroleum, and natural gas. Manages teams effectively and provides great customer satisfaction.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Senior Geologist/Project Manager leveraging expertise in engineering, natural disaster analysis, sedimentology, petrology, remote sensing, and historical geology tours. Steers development of geologic maps, boring logs, cross-sections, and proposal preparation. Drives customer-focused solutions and delivers insight on current industry issues/trends to fortify retention and satisfaction levels.

Example 6: The targeted position is for a Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSSE) Manager with Tropical Bioenergia, S.A.

Outdated Objective Statement
Seeking a HSSE position to plan, coordinate, and implement issues and directives within an organization. Ensures safe environmental working conditions for all employees.

Powerful Branding Statement by Words Prevail Resume Writers:
Environmental, Safety, Health, and Sustainability Executive driving strategic planning to identify and minimize environmental impacts and create measurable financial value. Catalyzes corporations to take social and economic responsibility by launching risk management solutions, enhancing core business competitiveness, and amplifying value to stakeholders, employees, and multinational enterprises.

In order to be called upon for opportunities and to have your resume outshine the thousands of other applicants, you need to demonstrate a specific area of expertise. To survive and thrive in a digital world and volatile economy, you have to choose a topic and master it. Your branding statement should reflect this in a dynamic way.

If you have more questions about how to craft a powerful branding statement for your resume, contact Words Prevail’s owner, director, and managing writer, Victoria Andrew at

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW and Owner/Director of Words Prevail

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Traits of a Stellar Grant Writer

Words Prevail, LLC offers a diversified service portfolio of business and resume writing for a diversity of executives, nonprofits, and small businesses on an international basis. Although we have garnered a prestigious reputation as a leader in the field of resume writing, our writers are also certified professional grant writers.

A client once asked me, “What are the traits of a phenomenal grant writer?” My initial response was to advocate the series of certifications all of our writers hold from the American Grant Writer’s Association. However, the quest for an amazing grant writer should go beyond certifications and awards. The nonprofit or individual searching for a quintessential grant writer should also look for the following character traits:

1) Idealism

Our dreams are what drives us all, especially in the nonprofit sector where trailblazers are committed to contributing something of great socio-political importance. In order to be a shapshifter, you must be an idealist. As a grant writer, carrying this flame of hope is what pushes us to risk rejection again and again while simultaneously working hard to surmount tight deadlines. Under the pressure of arduous work, venerable grant writers remember their noble cause and how the world will eventually profit and be transformed by the project. The rewards are sweet when a grant writer is invested in a program that makes a meaningful and lasting difference against the odds.

2) Pragmatism

Although it may sound parodoxical after having rhapsodized over the value of idealism, a strong grant writer must also possess an element of practicality. Having a strong grasp on reality makes the process of goal-setting all the more tangible. Having a hold on realism also catalyzes the great grant writer to have a solid discernment of both their organization’s and community’s politics to know who to involve in the grant development process. Grant development and writing thrives at the intersection of trailblazing vision and politics.

3) Determination

Perseverance within the grant writer is triggered by the first two characteristics. When a grant writer is married to their socially worthy cause and is motivated to manifest their vision, the good grant writer doesn’t give up until it is realized. When the odds of actually obtaining funding are realized, a synergy of both idealism and pragmatism propells the grant writer to not relinquish their work until their project is funded.

4) Innovation

Being an innovative change agent as a grant writer is necessary for strategizing and developing new solutions to existing situations. Also, creativity is required in order to produce an engaging business writing style, which is a synergy of technical and intuitive methodologies. By conveying the organization’s history and goals in engaging prose, the promising grant writer is a cunning wordsmith.

5) Congeniality

Have you ever heard of the saying, “People fund people and not projects?” Effective grant writers know it’s preeminent to cultivate meaningful and productive relationships with people who share their vision for transforming the world. Formulating relationships with program officers is a good place to start.

6) Organization

Being able to master multitudinous projects, extensive research, and multiple deadlines takes exquisite organizational techniques. The very best in the field of grant writing are superior organizers who efficiently plan and execute their ambitious projects.

7) Engagement

Stellar grant writers are actively engaged and involved in their world, as they need to speak articulately about what is happening in their field, in their town, at their local foundation, and in political issues related to their vision. They often have their finger on the pulse and spot trends and changes with alacrity.

8) Perfectionism

Being obsessive-compulsive may actually behoove the grant writer, as writing guidelines must be followed with meticulous detail. The most successful grant writers are ones who review their work dozens of times and are never satisfied until their work is completely and entirely quintessential.

9) Specialization

It is recommended that grant writers specialize in one area – such as domestic violence or environmentalism – in order to fortify their writing and research skills. Also, by specializing in one field, they garner a strong reputation in the nonprofit community, which leads to more work in their area of expertise.

Believe it or not, but all of the grant writers of Words Prevail, LLC possess these traits. As a result, we have landed funding for major and life-saving projects in the nonprofit sector. Call our owner and director, Victoria Andrew, for a free consultation. 407.488.6055.

~ Victoria Andrew, CPRW, CGW

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